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Sean Smallwood is an attorney in Orlando, FL practicing exclusively in marital and family law. We understand that the fact that you have visited this site means that your situation has become a crisis. On this page we will show you exactly why you have found the right attorney. You will also learn how we work hard to resolve every case as uncontested if possible and how we will approach legal fees in your case.

We know that you want a family law firm you can trust and when you contact our office you will understand the level of quality and attention to detail that you will receive.

“It’s like a weight has been lifted from people’s shoulders when they find out we have a refundable retainer option I think it shows people that they can really trust us.” – Sean Smallwood, Esq.

This is why we take a personal approach to our practice and tailor our representation with the client’s needs and goals in mind whether you have a dissolution of marriage or a child support or custody action. Sean Smallwood will craft a strategy for your case and fight for what is best for you and your family. Call Now 407-574-6155

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When Parents decide that there is no other option but to involve lawyers and the courts there is often a wide array of legal issues and strategic  maneuvers that need to be addressed by your attorney in order to maximize the odds that you will obtain the best possible result in your domestic relations issue with as few court appearances and as minimal legal fees spent as possible.

Parents who are going to court need to remember that regardless of any emotional hurts they may have toward the other parent the courts will be looking to make sure that everyone’s conduct during the case is going to benefit the best interests of the children involved in the case.

statue of lady justice on family lawyer siteFamily law is an area of the law that includes: divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, and a few other specific areas of law that attorneys may address. The common thread that these issues share is the fact that they all relate to disputes stemming from the family and children. It is often said that an attorney who practices family law needs to be prepared to act not only as an advocate in the family court, but, also  must assist clients in any way possible through the emotional turmoil that goes along with these types of court cases.

In many cases it is preferred to try to work toward a settlement in court ordered mediation as this can save time, money, and stress on you and children. This is always a main goal that we strive for while remembering not to sacrifice your wants and needs in the case.

Can My Family Law Attorney Settle My Case at Mediation?

After the petition is filed with the family division of the clerk of court and a summons is served on the respondent, the parties will conduct discovery pursuant to Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure 12.285 and after some motion practice most family law disputes will end up in a mandatory settlement conference known as mediation. The very best work that domestic relations advocates can do occurs, in our opinion, from the very beginning of the case up to the point of mediation, also known as alternative dispute resolution. This is because that attorneys who are able to utilize strategic tactics to increase the chances of obtaining a favorable settlement for their client at the mediation drastically increase the chances that their client could obtain a favorable result, in less time, and having spent less money than they would if they did not properly work the case toward mediation.

Unfortunately, there are far too many family law practitioners out there who view mediation as a hurdle that they must artist rendering of road sign for families going through family legal issuesget past in order to get their case in front of the judge for trial. These types of advocates are not usually interested in focusing on reaching agreed parenting plans or settlement agreements, but, are instead focused on the battle and often create conflict where there did not necessarily have to be any. A case involving one or more advocates of this type usually ends up causing  unnecessary damage to the relationship between the parties, causes the case to last longer than it needs to, causes undue stress on children who may be involved in the case, and causes the fees for the lawyers to be far higher than they needed to be.

At our family law practice we have a time tested strategic approach for family law cases that is aimed at maximizing the chances of obtaining a favorable settlement at family mediation.  this approach will take a different form in each case depending on the specific facts of your situation. Whether it’s by well thought out motion practice, strategically crafted written correspondence, precision focused discovery demands, or direct coaching on communication to clients there is always a smart strategy for every case.

What Will Representation Cost for a Family Law Lawyer?

One of the most common questions that we receive from prospective clients contacting the office is “what will representation cost me?”  The truth is that the fee associated with representation for your case depends entirely on the facts of the case as they are currently. This means that a simple divorce with no children or property will cost much less than a highly contested divorce involving children, alimony, and property division where the parties are not getting along at all.

Regardless of the facts of your case, we will do our very best to craft a strategic approach to your family law case  that is aimed at giving you the best result while stretching your legal fee dollars as far as possible. In many cases we are able to offer installment plans for payment of the initial retainer fee and you can rest assured that we are working hard to come up with creative new strategies to get you the results you want at a price that you can live with.

Also, depending on the facts of your case we may lean toward a refundable retainer option for your case that will provide needed flexibility to deal with unpredictable litigation while still giving you the freedom of choice that you lose at other law firms who often require non-refundable payments for legal fees

Sean Smallwood, P.A. can guide you through the confusion and help to prioritize a strategy to get you to a resolution in your case that you are happy with as quickly as possible. Call our office today and schedule a consultation: 407-574-6155

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