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In recent years the number of unmarried couples having children seem to be on the rise. This has caused an increase in the number of petitions to establish paternity. In most cases the most important aspect of the paternity case is to establish either child visitation or child support or both.

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In Florida, when a child is born to an unmarried couple one or both of the parents must petition the court in order to have the rights and responsibilities of being a parent granted to them via order of the court. These include; time-sharing, child support, parental responsibility, decision making authority to name a few.

The petition to establish paternity can be filed for many reasons by both mothers and fathers and can last on average from a a few months to a year or more depending on the issues. Most of the time the most contested issues in paternity cases are time-sharing and child support. Our Orlando paternity attorney can guide the client through the process of filing the petition, conducting proper discovery, fighting for the best parenting plan for our client, and calculating child support properly to ensure a proper support payment that is best for the client and their family.

What do I do if the other parent will not let me see my child?

Here in Orlando, Florida we are within the ninth judicial circuit which has a Administrative Order that is binding on all parties to paternity actions or actions to establish parental rights. This order basically mandates that the parent who has the child or children must permit the other parent to spend time with and communicate with the children in the case. The order goes on to state that is a parent unreasonably refuses to allow visits then they are not acting in the child’s best interests and could loose some of their time with the child.

This is very important to keep in mind if you have a child and the other parent is not permitting you to see the kids. The administrative order is only binding in cases that have been filed and served on the other parent so parents should not put off contacting an attorney. It is important to remember that if the state is coming after you for child support they will not address any child custody issues at that time and you will need to contact a lawyer to file a paternity case in the circuit court.

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